Simple Dinners for Busy Families

Simple Dinners for Busy Families

Discover the secrets of professional kitchens
that will transform the way you cook at home.

With love, Bojana


Simple Dinners for Busy Families

Discover the secrets of professional kitchens that will transform the way you cook at home.

With love, Bojana


A step-by-by step guide to easy family dinners

One simple book. Endless meal combinations.

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Transform the way you cook at home

Featuring step-by-step guides to help you plan and organize your cooking, beautifully photographed dishes you can easily recreate, and numerous useful tips, this book is a must for every busy parent. 



The book contains the tools, tricks and techniques used by professional kitchens, including detailed cheat-sheets, combination guides and pantry check-lists, designed to help you prepare simple family food with ease.  Download and test some of the free tools here.  


Helping families, one dinner at a time



Mom of two children (8 and 11)
Dusseldorf, Germany

"A great cookbook! Well structured, easy explanations, great tips, delicious combinations. Really different from all other cookbooks I own..." 


Dad of a girl (2)
Rotterdam, Netherlands

"Combining the different meal elements brings a lot of variety to our dinner table. Also, doing preparations separate from the plating is very handy when the little one is in terror-mode because she is hungry."


Dad of two (3 and 5)
London, UK

"Love your book! I'm the Monday to Friday cook so your book is perfect for me."


Mom of two (2 and 4)
Amsterdam, NL

"My private life is going through a major positive change now - simplifying my life, slimming down etc to prepare for third kiddo -  and your book is a cornerstone of this change: it'll be well-used in the coming period."

Even the chefs agree – find out what chef Helen Goh from Ottolenghi has to say about the method.


The Plan Prep Plate Method

In three easy steps, learn how to create simple, delicious and nutritious family dinners – without the stress.



Plan ahead to save time and effort in the kitchen.



Easily prep a variety of healthy and delicious foods for all diets – and the pickiest of eaters.



Plate delicious weeknight dinners in just ten minutes!


The principles and secrets of professional kitchens to help parents cook at home – but no fancy meals or complicated recipes.

Drawing upon her experiences as both a busy working mother and a professional chef, Bojana has created a simple and sustainable method that will transform the way you cook, eat and enjoy your evenings. It’s a system that solves the challenges of our busy lives and ensures we eat well, together as a family.









About Bojana

A MasterChef finalist and former strategy consultant turned professional chef, Bojana is passionate about helping busy families create and enjoy healthy home-cooked meals together.

Inspired by her mother’s authentic cooking, The Plan, Prep and Plate Method draws upon Bojana’s professional kitchen experience and her insider knowledge as a mom who feeds her family every day. The result is a revolutionary method that will help you to transform your home-cooking.  And a personal mission to help you save time, reduce stress and improve your family’s health and well-being - through good food, cooked with love at home.


"I'm on a mission to help busy parents to take family dinners back into their own hands."

- Bojana, Founder of The Plan, Prep Plate Method